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Application for buy vertical form fill seal machine price

It can finish a sequence of work: weighing, filling, weighing feedback, remove the defective goods. Equipped with other machines form a automatic canned production line, used for weigh/filling the powder material which is fluidic or low fluidity materials. Such as milk powder, feed, rice flour, sugar, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, glucose, rice flour, food additives, nutritional foods, dyes, flavors and fragrances and so on

给袋式固体物料&袋子图 拷贝.jpg

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Processing  Material feeding→ Date printing Measure Bag forming→ Filling→ Sealing→ Cutting→ Finished product conveying


        Options device:

       1. Chain bags device

       2. Hole punch device (various of round role, semi-circular and Europe type hole, etc.)

       3. Nitrogen flushing device and exhausted air device

       4. Tear notch device

       5. Date printing


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  1. PLC controller with touch display for easy operation

  2. Servo-driven for film pulling system

  3. Pneumatic driven end sealing

  4. Simple and compact design for saving production space


Main Parameter for buy vertical form fill seal machine price


Film Width/mm


Bag Widtd/mm


Bag Length/mm


Vertical Seal Width/mm


Packing Film

Laminated Film,PE film etc

Bag Style

Pillow bag,Gusset bag

Packing Speed

20~60 bags/min


SUS 304



Gas Consumption



2.5kW  220V 50Hz

Gross Weight


Features & Functions:


·Former(also called former tude) makes the film into bag-shape.The belt is 300mm long generally.The rotation times of the belt effects the bag length.


·The hermetical frame is water-proof,dustproof and protective.Once the workers open the work doors to touch the running parts,the machine will stop atuomatically in case of accident during production.


·External film loading system makes the machine easy and convenient to be operated.


·Regarding the concave-convex mold of the forming tude,when the film passes the former, since the friction force is reduced by more than 50%,the damage on the surface of the film is less,the film is easy to be drawn,the packing speed is higher.


·Regarding the double-belt servo motor to draw the film,on one hand,the belt is durable because of less friction force when drawing film,on the other hand,the package shape looks more elegant.


·By adopting Schneider France PLC,equipping film pulling system with servo motor,it has accurate positioning,stable performance,reliable intellectualized operation and elegant package.


·The external frame and sctuture are made of stainless steel,so that HTL-420 enjoys high environmental adaption and long service life.


·Compact and simple strucure improves the performance,meanwhile,it saves power to some extent.


·HTL-420 improves the prodution efficiency to a great extent,reduces the cost of labour to save production cost for enterprise.

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