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Product Details

Application for China vertical form fill seal machine factory:

This multi-function packing machine is applies to snack foods, puffed food, roasted nuts, whole grains, pharmaceutical, pesticide, fertilizer, chemicals, metal and other industries granule packing, packaging speed, high yield, is the device of choice for mass production.

Such as sugar,coffee, candy,small,biscuits, beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, potato chips, potato chips,monosodium salt, rice, capsules, tablets, desiccant, pesticide granules,chemicals granules, other materials very suitable for granule packing machine for fast packaging.

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Film material: suits for all kinds of laminated material. It can make pillow bags, gusset bags, stand-up bags, linking bags, bag with hole punching, bag with round hole, bag with euro hole. 


The working process:
Automatic detection - automatic weigher -  automatic filling - automatic bagging - automatic bag sealing - date printing - automatic cutting - Finished products convey.


The complete packing machine includes

① Z-shaped Bucket elevator 
② Multihead Weigher 
③ Working Platform
④ Vertical Packaging Machine 
⑤ Outlet Conveyor 

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Specifications for VFFS Packing Machine:





Bag Size





(L) 100-400mm*


Bag Speed

            15- 60bags/min


             15- 60bags/min



Film width




Air consumption

0.6Mps  0.36m3/min

0.6Mps  0.4m3/min

0.6Mps  0.7m3/min

Power supply

3.0kw, 220V 50/60HZ

4.0kw, 220V 50/60HZ

4.5kw, 220V 50/60HZ

Packed Dimensions




Main Functions: 

*  Measuring, pulling, feeding, forming, date printing, cutting automatically.

*  Chinese-English touch screen display, easy operation.

*  Schneider PLC control system insure steady working conditions, and available to adjust any parameter without stoping the machine.

*  Can save 10 sets parameter in store, easy to change.

*   Adopt Servo motor to pull film, more accurate.

*  Independent temperature control system, precision±1 degree.

* Independent control of horizontal / Longitudinal temperature, to ensure a good fit of virous kinds of complex film, PE film.

*  Automatic alarm protect system, to save the waste into minimum limited.

*   Virous kins of packing style, back sealed, gusset insert, punch and etc...

*  With lower noise to keep quiet working environment.




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